What is this zine about?Sanguine is an original zine all about vampires and their existence through different genres, cultures, and time periods.
What kind of content will be in the zine?This zine will feature original vampire characters in a large variety of genres, settings, cultures, and time periods. Vampire characters from pre-existing media will not be featured in the zine. Vampires do not have to be traditional to be included, any form of vampire or vampire-like folklore creature is welcome.
Will the project be SFW or NSFW?This project will feature large amounts of blood and some gore, so all participants must be 16+ by the time results are released (June 24th.) Explicit NSFW, sexually suggestive content and extreme gore will not be allowed in the main zine. If we move forward with an 18+ add-on, more extreme gore and suggestive content may be featured.
What format will the project be in?The project is planned to be a physical zine, with proceeds being donated to a chosen charity.
What kinds of gore will be allowed in the zine?Only milder forms of gore will be allowed in the zine. Large amounts of blood, surface level wounds and bruises, mild forms of body horror (ex. multiple eyes, mouths, limbs) and typical depictions of vampires feeding will be allowed in the zine. Mentions of death and visual depictions of it may be included but should not be overly detailed or grotesque. Depictions of extreme gore/body horror, internal organs, and cannibalism (outside of typical vampire feeding) will not be included in the zine. If the project moves forward with an 18+ gory add-on, more extreme gore may be included in the add-on.
What characters will be allowed in the zine?This zine will center around all kinds of original vampire characters. Pre-existing characters or OCs may be included as long as they are not from a copyrighted source of media or based off of one (ex. fandom OCs.)
What kind of applicants are you looking for?We will be looking for page artists, merch artists, spot artists and writers!
How many contributors will you be accepting?We will be accepting 1 cover artist, 24 - 30 page artists, 4 - 6 writers, 2 - 3 spot artists, and 3 - 6 merch artists.
What will you be looking for in applicants?Contributor guidelines can be found here.


Interest CheckApril 2nd - 30th
Mod AppsApril 18th - May 6th
Mod ResultsMay 8th
Contributor AppsMay 13th - June 10th
Contributor ResultsJune 24th
Join DeadlineJune 30th
Pitches DueJuly 7th
Check-In 1July 29th - 31st
Check-In 2August 19th - 21st
Final SubmissionSeptember 14th - 16th
Pre-OrdersMid-October (Tentatively)

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